Lydia Litter

Lydia The Recycled Litter Lady


In the summer of 2001 Barbara Wilson had an idea of how to catch children¹s attention in relationship to litter and recycling.  Lynn Wilson, a FRIEND put Lydia together from collected items that Florence recycle center takes.  The only item that is not recyclable is the duct tape holding her milk jug head in place.  She is made up of the following items:  Milk jug head with lids from jug making the eyes.  Her lips and flowers on her hat are made of plastic solo cups cut apart and glued in place.  Arms and legs are of plastic sleeves that newspapers are delivered in on raining days.  Newspaper is also in her shoes of two 20 ounce coke bottles with ribbons tied on the caps.  Body made of large three pound coffee can.  She is sitting in an old cracked cut down plastic bucket.  Her fingers are of the wooden beads from a cool seat cushion.  litterlady2_by_barbara_wilson_florence-garden-club-alabamThe wire is bent to make hands so she can wear her ring made of bottle top stuffed and painted.  Plastic bracelets for her wrist are from lids of spray can of oil.  Skirt is made of pie tin and plastic bags finishing her in style.  Orange plastic sleeves make her dread locks with plastic rings to hold them in place.  A PVC pipe holds the mild jug in the coffee can and then was hot glued.  The hat is an old garden hat of mine and the flowers are from plastic solo cups.  She is wearing a canceled flag stamp pin.  A tag dangles from hat telling us that Lynn Wilson created her.

Items needed to make Lydia one stylist recycled “trashy” lady.

milk jug
milk jug lid
plastic solo cups
duct tape
canceled stamps
PBC pipe
plastic bags
plastic sleeves
plastic bucket
20 oz  soda bottles
pie pans
old straw hat
3 pound coffee can
lid of spray can
bottle top
beads from a cushion (etc.)

Hope this inspires your junior gardeners or art students or you top make, design, create and have FUN  making your own Lydia or recycled/litter creature or person.