Garden Club of Alabama, Inc.
Established 1932

Member of

National Garden Clubs, Inc.
Go Green Plant America

2023-2025 NGC Presidents Project:
Plant America-Feed America

Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc.

Decorate the Deep South
with Floral Accents

Deep South Garden Clubs Unified Project
“Encourage and host Flower Shows, Place Designs in Public Places and Create Colorful Plantings”

2023-2025 Garden Club of Alabama President, Kathy Sudduth

“Gardening is an Investment in the Future.”

President’s Message 2023

Summer Board 2023 District Reports

District Reports from Convention 2023 

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For More Information
Click Here  or contact Rose Winkler
at rmwinkler45@yahoo.com

Note District Meetings are in order by District and not by date.
District I: October 16

District II :
Tuesday, October 17

More Information
District III :
Wednesday, October 18
District IV :
Thursday, October 19
District V:
Thursday, October 26
District VI:
Tuesday, October 24
District VII :
Wednesday, October 25
District VIII
Monday, October 23
Thursday, October 26

Fun in Fall

NGC Petite Specialty Flower Show
District III
Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, November 15, 2023
Awards Due
unless otherwise noted
(See Calendar of Awards Dates)

Friday, December 1, 2023


Fall 2023 Hortensia will be mailed to members of the Garden Club of Alabama.

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Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc Newsletter


The National Gardener Summer 2023 Issue 

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Newscape Fall 2023

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