Alabama Council of Flower Show Judges

Alabama Council of Flower Show Judges

The Council’s mission is to maintain the standards of judging established by National Garden Club.  They promote uniform judging and encourage others to become National Accredited judges.  When  there is a flower show the  judges chair works with the Council to have enough judges for our shows.  They sponsor the annual Symposium offered in August in Birmingham.  They also work with convention chairs to select and fund the designer for that special dinner.  They are organized into 8 districts which are not the same as GCA districts.  The current President 2023-2025 is Betty Spradley.  

Flower Show School Curricula

 Photo Gallery

GCA Functional Table Designs from ASCFJ workshop. 

GCA ACFSJ Judges Pensacola Federation Flower Show

Council 6 of the ACFSJ met on Sept. 21 2016 in Dothan.