Horticulture Day

Horticulture Day was February 27th at the Loeb Center in downtown Montgomery. Under the leadership of Janet Lewis, Camellia Garden Club and Mary Long, Lonicera Garden Club, the event featured excellent speakers, wonderful food and beaucoup door prizes.

 Lee and Amanda Borden, local ecology enthusiasts spoke of their experience of trial and error over a four year period, building as close to perfect as possible, a sustainable existence on their 88 acres near Tallassee, Alabama. Growing up together in Montgomery, but leading diverse lives, the Bordens slowly began to realize the importance of being able to live reasonably comfortable lives in the face of disaster interrupting utilities and food supply sources. Their move from Birmingham and their jobs, Lee a divorce lawyer, and Amanda an associate professor emeritus from Samford University, to the acreage in Elmore County was a drastic decision but one that they do not regret. Their power point presentation put everyone one edge should the day of having to exist by ones own means ever become a reality. Visit their weekly pod cast at:  http://www.longleafbreeze.com/longleaf-breeze-weekly-podcast

 Robert Cope and Bill Campbell, both long time Morgan Keegan employees, have been interested in Ecology all of their lives. Under the development of the Cypress Nature Park and Conservancy, they have poured their lives into a project, completion of which will mean insurmountable accomplishment for Montgomery families and sports fans. The project, located in North Montgomery on 286 acres of mostly cliffs, wetlands, and seeps, owned by the city and  available only by narrow, insect and jungle-like infested pathway is home to over one hundred species, unknown until now, to be residing in this area. Loving nature as a boy, Bill has mastered the integral details of the plant and animal life existing in the park and shown on his power point presentation. Robert described the plan for raised wooden pathways, bridges and bicycle paths  making the area usable by all residents and visitors to Montgomery. Visit their web site at: Cypressnaturepark.org to make a donation or for more information.

Janet W. Lewis
Horticulture Chairman