Empties 4 Cash Recycling Program

Notice:  Empties4Cash no longer accepts toners!
Recycle only those what will fit in the palm of your hand, is the best rule.

Any ink cartridge you can hold in your hand may be recycled which will keep them out of the landfills, but GCA will only be paid for cartridges that are on the current Empties4Cash price list.

Do not use the plastic mailers that only hold 3-5 cartridges, as these are no longer in use.
If you have them, destroy them.

You must use the shipping labels on any box you choose.  Please ship as many as possible in each box as this will keep the price for us up and the cost for Empties4Cash down.  Simply attach the label to your box, call FedEx, they will pick up the box, and mail a check for the number of good cartridges sent!

Contact Empties4Cash by calling 1-800-456-4320 or on the web at empties4cash.com to receive shipping labels or a new updated price list. You may also contact Carolyn Gray or 334-365-5051 and I will send you the shipping labels and instructions.

Thanks for recycling!
It keeps the cartridges out of the landfills and money in the scholarship fund for those deserving Auburn students.

The GCA Account number is 42353.