Landscape Design Consultants Council

Landscape Design School I, 2017

FROM: Landscape Design Consultants Council – Ann Houston, President

This is the first course in a series of Landscape Design Study Courses sponsored by the The Garden Club of Alabama, Inc.’s Landscape Design Consultants Council (LDCC). Instructors are Auburn professors and answer all kinds of sensible and crazy questions.

Classes are held on Auburn University campus at Ham Wilson Arena Classroom. Dates are Monday & Tuesday, October 2 & 3, 2017. Check-in starts at 8:30am and we try to leave campus by 4:30pm.

Cost is $50 for both days, $30 for one day or for LDCC Refresher, and $5 extra for those seeking credit. Box lunches are available for $10 per day.

This popular series of landscape design studies is educational, informative and fun! These classes are part of National Garden Clubs and accreditation transfers across state lines. Master Gardeners can receive continuing education units (CUs). Local gardening volunteers are encouraged to join us. You do not have to be a garden club member, all those interested in God’s green earth are welcomed to join us as we work to “Create Heaven on Earth”!

Questions: Ask Landscape Design Study Program Chairman K.T. Owens, 251-743-3846 home – no email, 42 Longleaf Circle, Monroeville AL 36460.
Textbook: “Stewards of the Land – A Survey of Landscape Architecture & Design in America”; $40 1-800-550-6007, Ext. 17 or or NGC Headquarters, 4401 Magnolia Avenue, St. Louis MO 63110, Email: (also good for “National Gardener” magazine). Or buy used copy via

Topics and Textbook Chapters for Course 1:

A copy of a selected article from The National Gardener magazine will be distributed for study.

Ch. 1 – Space, Design and People – Dr. Dave Williams
Ch. 2 – Theory & Basic Principles of Landscape Design – Charlene LeBleu, MLA & MCP
Ch. 7 – Planning Your Home Grounds – Dr. Carolyn Robinson
Ch. 8 – Landscape Design Resources – Dr. Jeff Sibley
Ch. 9 – Basics of a Site Plan – Dr. Carolyn Robinson
Ch. 10 – Design for the Environment – Dr. Jeff Siblev
Ch. 16 – The Private Garden – Dr. Dave Williams
Ch. 17 – Public Landscapes – Charlene LeBleu, MLA & MCP
Ch. 22 – Development of Landscape Design – Dr. Dave Williams
Special Topic – Ecology & Environment: Wise Use of Water Resources – Robert Beauchamp, BS in Fishery & M in Horticulture

12 to 1:30 pm Lunch & Study *** 3:30 pm Break & Study *** 4:00 pm TESTS

Monday & Tuesday, October 2 &3, 2017
Ham Wilson Arena 650 S Donahue Dr Auburn University
Mail to: Linda Stephens, Registrar, 256-638-4000,
3453 Co. Road 121, Fort Payne AL 35968

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