Landscape Design

Landscape Design School

Go to the  NGC website  and select “Schools” for the latest information and use the following navigational tips:

Select “Schools” and then select – “Environmental”, “Gardening” or “Landscape Design”.

Here is a link where you can find the  NGC Schools Resources  including the revised “Handbook” dated October 2020.  When down loading the handbook and forms use only the 2020 versions.

Objectives of the Landscape Design School

  • Develop a greater sense of appreciation, pride, and knowledge about our private and public gardens.
  • Become better educated to make changes in our surroundings so that they will be more beautiful, useful, convenient, ecologically sound and easily maintained.
  • Stimulate interest in all phases of landscape design, including community planning that will affect all of our lives.
  • Develop a contingent of qualified Landscape Design Consultants to serve in such decision- making areas of public life as providing leadership, educational programs, scholarships, awards and promoting better landscape design.
Garden Club of Alabama Landscape Design School
Auburn University

Contact Ann Houston, Alabama Landscape Design Consultants Council President, at 256-845-3148  or Click here for email

Garden Club Of Georgia Landscape Design School
Rome Georgia

School Dates:
Course III – February 12-13, 2020
Course IV – April 28-29, 2020

Contact Jane Whiteman, Georgia State Chairman
Tele: 404-252-4473 or Click here for email