2020 Calendar


Article V, Section I of the Bylaws of The Garden Club of Alabama, Inc. state "The annual dues of GCA shall be $6.00 per capita due May 1, delinquent July 15th..."  Any change in the Bylaws must be voted on by the voting membership.

Many clubs have not met in 2020 and probably will not meet again until September 2021.  At the next Board Meeting, or at our next scheduled membership meeting, I plan to make a recommendation that in state emergencies, or with board recommendations, the delinquent date be extended to September 30 or as other deemed appropriate by the board.  At this time, no action will be taken to delay receipt of the Hortensia or drop clubs from membership in GCA until a vote can be made by voting membership. 

We are also hoping the combined Deep South/GCA Conventions  in 2022 at the Huntsville Marriott will be held as planned.

I hope you are all well and staying safe.  

With prayers,
Sybil Ingram
GCA President

2021 Calendar

August  2021

The GCA Fall Board Meeting will be held at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens on August 31, 2021.   The Executive Committees will meet at 9:00 a.m. and the General Meeting will be at 10 a.m.  The meetings will be social distancing and wear masks.

October 2021

District meetings will be held again in October 2021 if situation allows, otherwise meeting will be virtual via zoom.  The Dates and locations will be announced after August 2021.

2022 Calendar

Save the date:  April 3-5, 2022

GCA 2022 Convention