Landscape Design Schools

Objectives of the Landscape Design Schools

  • Develop a greater sense of appreciation, pride, and knowledge about our private and public gardens.
  • Become better educated to make changes in our surroundings so that they will be more beautiful, useful, convenient, ecologically sound and easily maintained.
  • Stimulate interest in all phases of landscape design, including community planning that will affect all of our lives.
  • Develop a contingent of qualified Landscape Design Consultants to serve in such decision- making areas of public life as providing leadership, educational programs, scholarships, awards and promoting better landscape design.

Landscape Design School
Study Course I, Series XV

Monday & Tuesday, October 2-3, 2017
Auburn University, Ham Wilson Arena
Cost $50 for 2 days.
$30 for 1 day or refresher.
$5 NGC recording fee.

Contact Ann Houston, Landscape Design Consultants Council President, at 256-845-3148.

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