GCA Board Meeting

GCA August 2020 Board Meeting


August 26, 2020  (Wednesday)

Location:  Arrowhead Country Club
50 Ocala Dr., Montgomery  AL  36117

Executive Board Meeting :  9 a.m. (Camellia Room)
(All elected and Appointed GCA Officers and District Directors)

GCA Board Meeting:  10 a.m.  (Ballroom)
(Executive Committee, Advisory Council, Committee Chairmen, Co-Chairmen, & Special Projects Chairmen)

The Program will be GCA 2020 Awards

If you wish to make a report contact Claudia Harris at mailto:ciharrisal@yahoo.com

Please plan to attend the Board of Directors meeting. Thank you for all of the hard work that you have been involved in. We would love to hear from Committee chairs about the work that committees are doing.

Officers & District Directors will have three (3) minutes for their report.  Chairmen will have two (2) minutes for their report.  Please bring three (3) copies of your report to be given to the Recording Secretary Karen Merrill.

After the meeting lunch will be on your own.